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Hotel Technology Management Portfolio



Hotel Technology Management (HTM) – As the owners of a boutique property ourselves, we have a clear understanding how to operate hotels profitably. Hotels today are inundated with technology challenges. They require much more than just reservation software. Many vendors attempt to create “one size fits all” products that end up fitting nothing very well. LodgeTender HTM services can organize and bundle critical technology needs to perfectly fit the operating needs and mission of your hotel. Our business model is the most remarkable in the industry!

Urban Park Hotels LLC  – Our strategic partner, Urban Park Hotels , has developed an outstanding program for anyone using the LodgeTender portfolio of technology services. They have over three decades of experience encompassing all aspects designed exclusively for independent hotel owners. The Urban Park Hotel Collection is a non-franchised Membership Groups that trims out all the high costs and ongoing expenses associated with joining a national hotel franchise chain. All LodgeTender clients receive a 100% FREE one year membership with the Urban Park Hotel Collection.         


Perfect Match Operating SystemsLodgeTender HTM performs a needs assessment with your key management and follows up with a perfect match system package that simplifies the tasks performed by every staff member in the Hotel. Taking full advantage of our nearly two decades of experience in the business, LodgeTender has assembled a complete portfolio of hotel management tools that are fully scalable and customizable to any property regardless of size and category. We manage the business side of this process to eliminate nearly all the technology expense for the hotel. As mentioned above, our business model is the best in the industry.


Management Leadership Training – With the expertise of our team members. in the field of communications studies and tactical team development, LodgeTender can raise hotel management and staff to a higher level of performance in all areas of hotel operations. This premier team has been key in the development and evolution of the LodgeTender portfolio of vital services for the hospitality industry. It is uncommon in the hospitality industry for this specialized resource to be available to hotels outside of the large corporate chain category.

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