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The LodgeTender story began in 2010 with a decision to enter the hospitality technology universe. Conversations with hotel owners and managers revealed that there was a high level of frustration and dissatisfaction with what was then the state of the art in tech tools to support daily operations.


Even though hotels had used desktop software for over three decades by then, the broad  consensus was that progress with improvements were moving much too slowly. This was all the incentive we needed to enter the fray to be innovators on behalf of the independent hotel business sector. As we began developing a new product, we learned very quickly that this was a very challenging project. The diversity of the business was far greater than we initially understood, and the learning curve was steep.


We enjoyed much early success with our innovative ideas. But as we continued to build our penetration of the market, we became entrapped in the task of trying to build a “one size fits all” system, just as virtually everyone else in our business category was doing or had already done. So many “new” SaaS (cloud) systems were basically the same desktop models running on internet servers. All the inconveniences of the early models just moved over to the cloud.








We learned along with our hotel clients that “one size fits all” is actually “one size does not fit anyone very well”. The need called a modular suite of operating functions that can be endlessly modified and adjusted to suit specific management models without disruption. This led to LodgeTender becoming an HTM (Hotel Technology Manager). Our awakening evolved from some of our team becoming hotel owners and operators and realizing that there is a need for a different approach that future proofs a hotel from having to start over every time they want to change or upgrade their technology.


LodgeTender would like to be your partner. With our expertise and HTM portfolio of services, we will help you discover the perfect business technology solutions for your hotel. 

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