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What if....

  • Your hotel had perfectly matched and customized software tools that your entire staff loved, and there is no direct cost to your business?

  • Your hotel had access to the tools and services that usually require a franchise contract, but without having to be franchised?

  • Your management team had continuous access to leadership training services?

What if....

  • All of these valuable features were provided in a customized bundle that earned, instead of cost, your business money?


LodgeTender HTM Portfolio services delivers all the above. Please ask us to explain in detail how we can be your partners in growth and profitability.


We are looking forward to your call!


Ask us how we:

  • Analyze your current operating technology

  • Design the technology that perfectly fits  your hotel needs

  • Curate and assemble your tech portfolio

  • Deliver the entire portfolio at no recurring cost


Yes, We can actually deliver all of that!

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